Seiya Yonezawa

Seiya Yonezawa,

Mr. Seiya Yonezawa, graduated with a Master Degree in March 2015, and since then Yonezawa has been working in RUI SEKKEISHITSU Co.,Ltd.

In an interview with Mr. Sieiya, he shared his memories In Mae Lab, as he says: each student or a small group of students has their own research project, but we had a chance to collaborate, all together, in our Enemane House that won the first place in a competition held that time in 2014. It was a great success and a great experience. As students, we were able to understand by doing how to do a ZEH by practically applying the research that we did. It was a great adventure watching the project building up day by day.


Even more, we were able to carry out a series of measurements on the thermal environment and energy consumption after the construction. Then, we were eager to carry out a data analysis to compare the final project performance with our first simulations. In my thesis research,  my main objective is to make the best conditions to live in a house. I always discussed with the colleagues and the designers of what are the various places that need to improve in dwellings.

In my current position, despite the I belong to the design department which looks primarily at making the educational and dining spaces, I am still exploring the methods of achieving comfortable environment. Besides,  I am now used to explore architecture using my thermal camera and a thermometer, the habit that I learned in Mae-lab.

EneMane competition #1