Katsuya Obara

Katsuya Obara,

Mr. Katsuya Obara, graduated with a Master degree in April 2014.

Mr. Obara has been working in the Arup Hong Kong Building Sustainability Group of ARUP Hong Kong from 2014.
He is working in a department that is concerned with the sustainable architectural design, from simulation to environmental certification such as LEED.


Mr. Obara believes that there were three points major skills that he developed and learned in Mae lab that enabled him to work in such renowned international firm as ARUP, as he listed:



1- Participating in overseas academic gatherings and workshops: makes me realize the importance of having a broad perspective in knowing different approaches and exchanging opinions. And I also realized the importance of languages.

2- Comprehensive experience in simulation and measurement: there are many simulation to run when it comes to professional practice. consduting extenisve simulations enabled be to image how the climatic inputs are processed inside the simulation and how it will trnasfer to affects the people living there. Simulation is really helpful for interpreting the inviroentm and inform the design creation.

3- Development and operation of thermal load calculation software (named ExTLA): I was able to have deep understanding of heat load calculation and strongly realize the importance of programming.  This skill of software developemnt adn deep underrstanduing of the phyics behind it contniued to attrackt my interested even after graduation, it has greatly contributed to make me participate in the internal web application development and automation of simulation in my current company.