GH2FD | Grasshopper -to- FlowDesigner Workshop

On March 2018, Mae-lab and AKL (Advanced Knowledge Laboratory- the developer of FlowDesigner,) organized a workshop about Parametric design & CFD. AKL Invited Assitant Prof. Tanighchi and Mr. Gao (aka Kumo san) as keynote speakers and panelists.

The first section was a tutorial on using the GH2FD, a tool that connects Grasshopper 3D to FlowDesigner. Mr. Gao, a Ph.D. student in Mae-lab and the developer of GH2FD gave a lecture about the basics of Grasshopper 3D and GH2FD. In the first part, basic ideas of the parametric design was introduced. Following the introduction, participators built a GH model of an office building, which was transferred into FlowDesigner. In the third part of the workshop, the outputs form FD were retrieved back and visualized in GH.

Comparing the various openings scenarios in the Grasshopper platform

The second session was a presentation by Mr. Yamato, from Maeda corporation. Mr. Yamato shared his practice expertise on using parametric analysis and simulations in projects. He concluded by raising the current obstacles as well as his prospect on the CFD-parametrization topic.

The Final parts was a paneling session with Q&A opened to the audiences. Mr. Taniguchi, Mr. Gao, and Mr. Yamato were on the panel. Participates inquiries reflected their curiosity on further understanding more about the panelists’ experiences with parametric design and simulations in real projects and in their ongoing research alike.