Hyun Bae Kim

Hyun-bae Kim,

Dr. Kim conducted his doctoral degree at Mae-lab where he graduated in September 2017.

Dr. Kim is specialized in thermal load simulation and improvement of indoor thermal comfort using latent heat storage material.

After graduation, he joined Mae-lab as an Academic support specialist. In April 2018 he commenced his new research career at the Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry


Papers published

[1] H.B. Kim, M. Mae, Y. Choi, T. Kiyota, Experimental analysis of thermal performance in buildings with shape-stabilized phase change materials, Energy Build. 152 (2017) 524–533.


[2] H.B. Kim, M. Mae, Y. Choi, Application of shape-stabilized phase-change material sheets as thermal energy storage to reduce heating load in Japanese climate, Build. Environ. 125 (2017) 1–14.