Specific heat measurement of PCM

Specific heat measurement of SSPCM sheets

The specific heat values of the SSPCM sheets were measured using a thermostatic chamber, the thermocouples measured the upper and lower surfaces and internal temperatures of the SSPCM sheets, and a heat flow meter was used to determine the heat flow on the surfaces of the SSPCM sheets. The sides of the samples were covered with insulating materials, which prevented heat leakage. The measurement temperature range selected was 10.0 ℃–35.0 ℃. The inside temperature of the thermostatic chamber was changed by 1 ℃ every 30 min within the testing temperature range for cooling or heating. The stabilization period was 4 h before changing the mode of heating or cooling. The specific heat was calculated by a sum of the top and bottom heat flows of PCM while changing the temperature of a thermostatic chamber by 0.5 ℃. Each specific heat of melting and solidification was obtained by the experiment of heating and cooling.         


Temperature control of the thermostatic chamber

Specific heat–temperature relation of the SSPCM sheets



H.B. Kim, M. Mae, Y. Choi, Application of shape-stabilized phase-change material sheets as thermal energy storage to reduce heating load in Japanese climate, Build. Environ. 125 (2017) 1–14.