Experimental equipment

We have prepared a lot of measuring instruments and experimental space for research. Here is the introduction for part of them.


Thermal camera

A device which makes Far-infrared visible. It has been used very frequently because it’s easy-understanding and compact.

Here is the thermal picture of the German house of parliament in summer. It’s very famous for its designer-Foster.  The temperature of upper part which filled with heat is very high. Indeed, it’s very interesting to see famous architecture through thermal camera.


Rooftop Experimental house

Located in the rooftop of Engineering Bldg. 1, the experimental house can change its direction freely. Now it’s mainly been used for testing of solar direct gain in winter and solar shielding in summer.


Let’s see a example. Here it’s a video made by Mr. Horiuchi (M2 in 2017).

Plenty of sunlight get into room through south window because of the solar elevation angle is small in winter.

PCM has been put into the internal space of floor and ceiling. It absorbs heat of sunlight in daytime and release an night to improve indoor temperature.

Sun rise from southeast, become vertical in the noon, and falls down to northwest in summer. It’s total different for solar  radiation absorption when we change the direction of experimental house towards  south and east. Please watch the movie below.

There’s nearly no sunlight in the room when direction of house is south.


It’s awful in evening when direction of house is west.


Underground artificial environment experimental room.

It’s large artificial environment experimental room which can control its temperature and humidity. Now it’s been used for experiment of shower heater and cogeneration machine to evaluate energy-saving standard of residential house.