Demonstration of OM solar house

“Measurement” to investigate what is happening in real buildings in various climates is extremely important to understand the actual needs of each area. In our laboratory, we conduct surveys of real houses on a nationwide basis, as the OM project has 5 demonstration houses (see the illustration below) and the Sixth is added on 2017.

The measurements demonstration shown herewith are for the Hamamatsu model.

OM demonstration house in Hamamatsu

The photo is for the suspended floor. It is showing the hot air inlet that brings the heat collector. The photo also shows the water PET bottles that are used as a thermal mass component. The air is introduced to this are first as to store a reasonable amount of the heat for the evening period when there is no heat production. This heat storage also helps in regulating and preventing overheat during sunny days. The subsequent video is taken by a thermal camera, and it demonstrates how heat builds up and distributed throughout the day.



In order understanding the internal thermal environment, we hooked this check-like paper net Infront of the main door and used a thermal camera to record the scene. Using this basic technique, we could visually monitor how the vertical temperature distributes (Stratification) changes during the day, and how is affected by the closing the fenestrations. The provided video is for the Closed-door scenario.



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 OM Solar NEDO demonstration project

OM solar is a heat collecting method. Heat is collected in the roof component and the hot air is then blown to the under the floor, before introducing it to the internal environment.