Taniguchi Keiichiro (Project Assistant Professor)

Taniguchi Keiichiro, a Project Assistant Professor and a First-class registered architect (No. 360512)


March 2007 Graduated from Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
March 2009 Master’s degree in architecture from the University of Tokyo graduate school of engineering
April 2009 Joined Nikken Sekkei LTD. (architectural design department)
March 2016 Retired Nikken Sekkei LTD.
April 2016 Project Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo (Donation Course on Building Construction Materials Design Engineering)

Specialized field
Building Environmental Engineering, Architectural Environment Design

Architectural Institute of Japan, The Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan

Main Design Projects
2013 Lazona Kawasaki Toshiba Building (Office Building)
2014 BrownPlace (Commercial Facility)
2016 Shogakukan Building (Office Building)

Major awards, publications, contributions, etc.

  • Good Design Award Best 100 (2012, escape map)
  • JIA Excellent Architectural Design (2014, Lazona Kawasaki Toshiba Building)
  • Good Design Award (2014, Lazona Kawasaki Toshiba Building)
  • Selected works of the Japanese Architectural Institute (2015, Lazona Kawasaki Toshiba Building)
  • Exercise Mook “Method of making the best environmental construction” (2013, coauthor: Tomohiko Yamanashi, Toshiharu Ikaha etc.)

  • INAX Publication “10 + 1” 2007 no.49 Buckminster · Fuller’s Modernity
  • Building Research Institute “Housing Building” July 2007 issue “House of the Box” as an energy control device
  • A & u “a + u architecture and city” August 2012 extra issue Activities of the volunteer department: Evacuation terrain time map – Descriptive method of cities in degenerate era (Notation)
  • Japan Architectural Institute “Architectural magazine” April 2013 issue winning environment – New stage of architectural design
  • The Architectural Institute of Japan “Architectural magazine” Try to think of the environment “June 2017 issue”
  • Building Equipment Consolidation Association “BE Building Facilities” July 2017 Efforts at the educational site to feel free to touch environmental simulation – simulation tool as Rhinoceros + Grasshopper plug-in –
  • Building Technology “Monthly Building Technology” August 2017 Environment Design in the Design Process Sensitivity Analysis (Sensitivity Analysis) and Integrated Design (Integrated Design)

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