FlowDesigner plug-in in Grasshopper (GH2FD)

Caution: GH2FD ONLY works with FlowDesigner 2107 or latter.

注意:FlowDesigner 2017は必要になり、以前のバーションはGrasshopperにコネクトできません。



Download from Google Drive


Last update: 2018.1.15

  • Slicer will output selected Data Branches, which were Data Paths in previous version.

Update: 2018.1.4

  • Add ‘Normal vector displaying’ for ‘Perforated panel’ and ‘Fan panel’
  • Add the icon of ‘FD_Extrusion’
  • Fix the bugs in ‘FD_Extrusion’

Update: 2017.8.24

  • The ‘Normal vector’ bug in FD_Extrusion has been fixed.

Update: 2017.7.6

  • Outlet components updated.

Update: 2017.6.18

  • A big bug, outlet components generate inlets, was fixed. The GHA file was renamed into ‘GH2FD’.

Update: 2017.6.11

  • A component named FD_Extrusion was added
  • Polygonal Meshes can be transported into FD as a whole.
  • CN files can be exported for SloverExcuter.

Update: 2017.4.23

  • The slicer output the GH_Path of selected elements rather than indices.
  • Some components’ names were adjusted.



Last update: 2017.5.6

  • Chapter.0
  • Chapter.1

Download Link  https://www.dropbox.com/s/3pjvrn2mvem7f8g/GH2FD_Manual.zip?dl=0

Sample Files (New!!)

Last update: 2017.10.17

Download Link  https://www.dropbox.com/s/pm55b19t4gtkhdp/GH2FD%20Sample%20Files.zip?dl=0&m=




As Grasshopper3D is an excellent parametric modeling platform, this tool certainly features its geometry abilities. With this tool, you can convert the geometries (polygon & box) into objects in FlowDesigner (inlet, volume source, etc.) and set the properties. The modification you did in Grasshopper3D can be immediately reflected in FlowDesigner. The efficiency of modeling can be several times higher.

This video is a demonstration of the basic process. The number of inlets is controlled by two parameters.



Many configurations of FlowDesigner can be set in Grasshopper3D, including analysis range, external wind and analysis mesh division.


CSV Results

This tool can make use of the CSV output functions in FlowDesigner. The results can be visualized in Rhinoceros. A component was designed to pick up the results in a certain section, just like in FlowDesigner.


Automatic Loop

A counter will be triggered when the calculation finishes, which can be used to change the parameters and trigger the simulation. Automatic looping can be realized.

Demonstration of the looping. Each time the simulation finishes, one more box will be added into FlowDesigner and the analysis range will expend. Then the simulation will run again. The loop will run 8 times.