Mae, Masayuki (Associate Professor)

Masayuki Mae
Associate Professor, the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture
Doctor of Engineering, First-class architect

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We specialise in the building environment and conduct research that leads to the advancement and diffusion of eco-houses.

At the moment, the most important issue is the development of non-heating / water houses that do not use energy for heating and hot water supply, but we are mostly interested in the environmental issues.

I am working as a researcher in the building research institute , and I only have researcher in the building research university faculty, I hope to do research and study with students as well as doing research on my own.

I am not specialized in the design of architecture, and I feel that it is important to develop an environment platform where students’ can freely design and research.

I hope that we can. I hope that we can. I hope that we can know that we are canteen, but abroad, there are many wonderful people who are conscious across the country. Think and act with such people.



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Revised edition of “the book of the Eco-house” published in December 2015

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“The book of the Eco-house” published in December 2012

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