About Maelab

Our Laboratory is concerned with the “Architectural Environment”.

We canvas, enhance and developed different means of Energy Saving in the residential sector, specifically in houses.

Our Lab’s motto is “Buildings can be more to the people and the world”.

  • Building should be based on its climate and energy issue.
  • Building should use less energy and put less footprint on earth.
  • Building should be more attractive for people inside.
  • Building should be more healthier for people.

“To scientifically study the Architectural Space “… “To know the necessity of the building physics” and “To utilize engineering in real design projects”,
we are aiming to bridge and create better relations between Architectural Design and Environmental Engineering.

Our main activity is…

  • Research the latest trend of Green building over the world
  • Establish the Design method for Green building
  • Realize Green building in Real project

We welcome whom interested in design and is good at science and mathematics as well.

For details about what we are studying, please go to “Theme” pages.

Important !!

Our lab’s main focus is “Developing design process based on Building Physics and Engineering“.

If you want to carry on research, Knowledge about Building  Physics and Engineering is INDISPENSABLE.