EPW to wind assessment CSV converter

A small tool that generate CSV file for ‘wind assessment’ in FlowDesigner from EPW file.   Download English version Download Japanese version

FlowDesigner plug-in in Grasshopper (GH2FD)

Caution: GH2FD ONLY works with FlowDesigner 2107 or latter. 注意:FlowDesigner 2017は必要になり、以前のバーションはGrasshopperにコネクトできません。   Plug-in Download from Dropbox   Last update: 2018.1.15 Slicer will output selected Data Branches, which were Data Paths in previous version. Update: 2018.1.4 Add ‘Normal vector displaying’ for… Continue Reading →

Global Green Architecture (GGA)

GGA: is the acronym of the Global Green Architecture GGA project aims to canvas and review the worldwide Green Design Trends, Codes and Practices. It compiles a deep understanding of the motives and the evolution process of the up-to-date global… Continue Reading →

Workshop at UC Berkeley & Sightseeing, US 2016

In November 2016, Prof Mae and a group of the Doctoral Students had participated in the Workshop on Energy policy and simulation in Northern California and Japan, at the Univerity Calfornia Berkeley. The visit has also included many interviews and… Continue Reading →

Specific heat measurement of PCM

Specific heat measurement of SSPCM sheets The specific heat values of the SSPCM sheets were measured using a thermostatic chamber, the thermocouples measured the upper and lower surfaces and internal temperatures of the SSPCM sheets, and a heat flow meter… Continue Reading →

ExTLA, a simple calculation tool for energy consumption of residential building (in Japanese)

ExTLA Lite, a simple Excel-based calculation tool for energy consumption of residential building A calculation tool for a single room. Insulation, types of windows, orientation, etc. can be studied. ExTLA Lite 1.4.1 Manual for ExTLA Lite 1.4.1 (PDF) What’s new in… Continue Reading →

EPW file converting Macro

A Macro of MS Excel converting weather data of Japan (expended AMEDAS) into EPW Download link of EPW file converting Macro   * Right click on the link and save the file. * It has been confirmed this tool work… Continue Reading →

Energy consumption analysis tool (in Japanese)

A MS Excel-based tool deducing the energy consumption based on the meter value of electricity and gas. Download link of Energy consumption analysis tool   * Right click on the link and save the file. * It has been confirmed this… Continue Reading →

Protected: PeptiDream Inc. Headquarters R&D center invistigation

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

US visit 2015 – Solar Decathlon

In September 2015, a group of MaeLab visit to the US for two main objectives, one is to witness the Solar Decathlon competition, and secondly to survey and interview some of the UC Berkeley scholars about the early Stage optimization tools…. Continue Reading →

Kanagawa Institute of Technology (KAIT) building Survey with UC Berkeley memebrs

The Survey was in May 2015,  and it was a joint activity with the University of California Berkeley visiting group. The survey was for daylight and thermal environment of a building at Kanagawa Institute of Technology (KAIT). The surveyed building is a unique… Continue Reading →

Visit to Okinawa Sept.2014

Okinawa is the southmost part of Japan, and it is the hottest region that experiences severe storms as well. With the advent of concrete, these climatic conditions had led the typical roofing system to change gradually from a tiled roof into concrete… Continue Reading →

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