Yasin Mohamed Ibrahim Idris – Postdoctoral Project Researcher
Profession:  Architect – Environmental Design   Nationality: Sudanese


2017    Dr.Eng. in Architecture
             Institute: Department of Architecture – Graduate school of Engineering – the University of Tokyo – Japan.  Supervisor: Prof. Mae, Masayuki. Thesis Title: A Framework Toward Better Specification of the Building Envelope Characteristics with Respecting Cooling Demands.
2009    M.Sc. in Sustainable Building Technology
             Institute: School of the Built Environment – The University of Nottingham– U.K. Supervisor: Dr Siddig Omer. Thesis Title: Conceptual design of low-energy consumption housing in Khartoum– Sudan.
2004    B.Sc. in Architecture (Honours)
              Institute: Department of Architecture – Faculty of Engineering & Architecture – University of Khartoum – Sudan. Grade: First class Division. (84%).

Honours & Awards

2016           Build Earth Live Hyperloop award for Best Multi-disciplinary BIM & use of Interoperability.  Role: Environmental design consultant and Leader of the environmental design group (8 members of the University of Tokyo and Tokyo University of Science).
2015           Build New York Live, award winners for Best use of BIM for Sustainability or Constructability. Role: Leader of the External Airflow Simulation & Analysis team ( a collaboration of University of Tokyo and Tokyo University of Science).
2014           Japanese Government (MONBUKAGAKUSHO:MEXT) Scholarship For 2014 (Research Students).
2007           Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship – University Of Nottingham + Peck (Physical Environment Center for Khartoum) Scholarship.
2004           Sudanese Institute OF Architects (S.I.A.) award for the Best Thesis (Graduation) project.
2002            Department of Architecture, U. of K. Award of Best academic performance – third year.
2002            Department of Architecture, U. of K. Award of Best Studio performance – third year.
2001            Shell co. The reward of Best Academic Performance – second year.
2001            S.I.A. Reward of Best Studio performance – second year.


[1]  Y. Idris, M. Mae, Anti-insulation Mitigation by Altering the Envelope Layers’ Configuration, Energy Build. 141 (2017) 186–204. http://doi.org/10.1016/j.enbuild.2017.02.025
[2] Y. Idris, M. Mae, Data on anti-insulation detection via Point of Thermal Inflexion (PTI) in 1248 cases; 13 climates, four occupancy profiles, six wall configurations and four insulation levels, Data Br. 12 (2017) 333–335.  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.dib.2017.04.016